What is style according to you?
Style is an extension and expression of your own personality. Once you are comfortable with who you are the clothes that you wear, the interiors of your house, your car, perfume, watch, phone...it all reflects, states your style. I feel style shouldn’t be borrowed. It should always come from within. That’s when it becomes original...your own. Originality always stands out.

Your grooming kit contains:
A trimmer. Being an actor I need to keep changing the style of my stubble so it’s very important. It would also have an electric toothbrush, one hair product, chapstick (cause my lips get dry), and my perfume.

A grooming essential you can’t live without.
My hair product because whenever I grow my hair I need it.

How often do you upgrade your closet?
I do it once or twice a year, mostly when I have some time when I am travelling abroad. And also when my designer Kunal Rawal feels that my clothes are getting out of fashion, he updates them. And steals half of my clothes.

Do you follow trends or like to break rules?
If you can carry off something you should wear it without worrying about what people would say. It’s all about how you carry an attire. Sometimes the most amazing style statements are most surprising because you don’t expect people to wear it so well. It makes that ensemble exciting.

How do you put together an ensemble?
If it’s a casual event, I pick up stuff from my wardrobe. However, for award functions or formal events, Kunal puts together my clothes because our tastes are similar. He is very young and not very conventional in the way he dresses me and I like that. There are times when I ask him whether I should really be wearing something, but he manages to convince me. And most of the time it gets appreciated. He understands what to put on me.

Which cities according to you are the style capitals?
Spain, Milan, Berlin, London. In India, Goa has a chilled out vibe, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

One designer label that is a closet essential and why?
D Stress by Kunal Rawal.

Your favourite accessories?
I have this one chain in my neck all the time. Many people have asked me where is it from. Frankly, I don’t remember either, but it’s my comfort zone. Maybe like dogs need collars, I need this chain...it makes me feel comfortable. If I leave home without it I feel very uncomfortable.

Shoes or watches?
I love shoes, but I largely wear keds. As for watches, I like big chunky watches.

Any style tip you’d like to share for today’s fashion conscious men?
It’s nice to try the unexpected.

Actor Shahid Kapoor's last film, R...Rajkumar, has not only done well at the box office but its songs have also created quite a buzz.

The latest we've heard is that thanks to the popularity of 'Gandi baat' and 'Saree ke fall', the actor has been flooded with requests from organisers of award functions to perform on stage.

A source close to the actor reveals, "Shahid is an excellent dancer and his past two films have featured many hit songs. As the award season is nearing, a lot of organisers have approached him to be part of the live performances. They are also willing to spend a lot of money to have him on board."

When contacted, Shahid's spokesperson confirms the news, saying, "Shahid has been approached by many award shows for live performances. They want him to dance to a medley of all his popular tracks."

Shahid, however, is yet to decide which functions he will perform at. The actor will soon resume shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj's Haider which also stars Shraddha Kapoor. This is the second time Bhardwaj is working with Shahid. Their first film together was Kaminey (2009).

No points in guessing why Bollywood’s heartthrob Shahid Kapoor or Shasha, as he is loving called, is on cloud nine, and his infectious smile is back. His latest film R… Rajkumar has been loved and appreciated by the audiences, in spite of being run down by critics.
To celebrate this new beginning Shahid Kapoor threw an impromptu party at Olive, Bandra and invited the entire team of R… Rajkumar, and his close friends.

Shahid Kapoor personally took care of all arrangements, and also simultaneously invited the guests. He wanted to make sure everyone whom he wanted to share his happiness with is there at the party. The party was close knit, with a small gathering of friends and co-stars he has worked with.

Along with R… Rajkumar team, comprising of Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha, Genelia D’Souza, Riteish Deshmukh, Preity Zinta, Pritam, Vikramaditya Motwane, Krishika and Sunil Lulla, Nikitin Dheer, Archana Puran Singh, Ayan Mukerji, Sandhya Mridul, Kiran Rao, Anand L Rai, Vishal Bhardwaj, Anurag Kashyap, Imran Khan with wife Avantika among others were spotted at the party.

Sonakshi Sinha wore a one-piece Asos monochrome dress, which had some hideous geometric designs. She propped it with nerdy glasses and ankle-strap shoes. One serious fashion advice for Sonakshi Sinha: Girl, you strictly need to stick to Indian outfits as fas as possible, because your body shape needs a lot of camouflaging.

Shahid Kapoor was his usual best, sporting his bearded look from Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider. He look uber cool in casual denims and t-shirt. Ayan Mukerji shocked everyone with his blood red shoes, while Preity Zinta, who is suddenly very active in the party circuit post her hand injury, wore an orange top with a short black skirt. Of course, Miss Zinta’s sling matched her skirt. Miss Zinta, why suddenly are you on the minimal trip? Saving money? Or just trying to look younger?

All said and done, here’s wishing team R… Rajkumar all the best. Thanks to duds like Jackpot and What The Fish, R… Rajkumar will have a good two week run. The only stop for R… Rajkumar is Dhoom 3.

Till then, have a blast!

Shahid Kapoor is ruling the Box Office on Week 2 of R… Rajkumar, also starring Sonakshi Sinha and Sonu Sood. Shahid has entered the territories dominated by masses, and proved once again that audiences don’t care about reviews.

This week saw the release of two films: Jackpot and What The Fish. Both have miserably failed to attract viewers, and have fallen flat at the Box Office on Day 1 onwards. There was no lift for these two films even on the weekend.

What The Fish, which had a limited release, garnered a meager Rs 1.03 million (10.3 lac) nett approximately on Day 1. The film saw no growth over the weekend.

On the other hand, Sunny Leone, Naseeruddin Shah starrer Jackpot too failed to gain viewers and collected in the range of Rs 8 million (80 lac) nett approximately on Day 1 (Friday), Rs 8.5 million (85 lac) nett approximately on Day 2 (Saturday) and Rs 9 million (90 lac) nett approximately on Day 3 (Sunday). The three-day total is in the range of Rs 25.5 million (2.55 crore) nett approximately.

R… Rajkumar has now entered in it’s second week, and has shown positive signs. With options like What The Fish and Jackpot, the audience chose to watch the Shahid Kapoor starrer R… Rajkumar over this weekend (December 13-15, 2013).

The Prabhu Deva directed R… Rajkumar has collected in the range of Rs 100 million (10 crore) nett over weekend. The ten-day collections of R… Rajkumar are now in the range of Rs 540 million (54 crore) nett approximately.

Will R… Rajkumar make it to the 100 crore club? That remains to be seen, as Dhoom 3 arrives December 20, 2013.

Despite an all around cynicism surrounding it right from the time Shahid Kapoor on board for this Prabhu Deva directed affair, R… Rajkumar managed to enjoy a good week at the box office. Even though the film enjoyed a healthy weekend, there were detractors baying for its blood and being almost sure that it would crash during the weekdays. This didn’t happen though as audience gave a green signal to the film, hence allowing it to collect consistently in days to follow as well. Result? First week collections are in the tune of 47 crores, hence paving the way for a more than respectable lifetime total ahead.

For Shahid Kapoor, the film is a huge respite indeed. Not just it has managed to cross the lifetime total of his biggest grosser till date, Kaminey [42 crore], it is also set to be one of the top grossers of the year. Ditto for Sonakshi Sinha who would now end the year on a high with a bona fide success under her belt.

As for Prabhu Deva, his track record of 100% success stays intact in the world of Hindi movies. Eros too has managed two back to back money spinners in the form of Ram Leela and now R… Rajkumar. Meanwhile producer Viki Rajani has entered the big league after starting 2013 with a small budget, but impressive success Table No. 21.

The film is looking at a lifetime total of at least 70 crore though a bigger total would be a challenge since Dhoom 3 strikes next week.

Another release of the week, Club 60, was a complete non-starter and didn’t have much to cheer about other than enjoying some good reviews coming its way.

Shahid Kapoor's infectious smile is back! His film 'R...Rajkumar' recorded a very good weekend and held fabulously all throughout the week. The film has performed wonderfully across the mass belts across India - having collected 53.60 crores (domestic) in the first week.

It has to be noted that 'R...Rajkumar' is Shahid's first full on action role and the audiences seem to have accepted and loved the young star in this avatar. In fact Shahid is the only young star to try a mass film like this and garner audience acceptance.

Audiences in the single screens have been whistling and cheering Shahid's performance and dance moves. The young star has surely won a new fan base as his audience was till now largely coming from multiplexes.

Incidentally even musically this year has been a blockbuster for Shahid. All his songs, "Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai", "Gandi Baat" and "Saree Ke Fall", have become mass anthems thanks to the onscreen energy and dance that he brought to them.

Shahid's talent and potential was never in doubt and now with a box office backing him he is truly a star to watch out for. Having done an out and out masala film like 'R.. Rajkumar' Shahid now moves onto Vishal Bharadwaj's 'Haider' which is a gritty drama set in Kashmir.

Karan Johar's guest list on his chat show doesn't seem to stop. Now the filmmaker has brought in 'Romeo' Shahid Kapoor along with his 'Rajkumari' Sonakshi Sinha on the show to discuss lots of Gandi Baat on the show.

Sonakshi Sinha has lots to share about her equation with Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Prabhudheva, Shahid will be the revealing some controversial stuff, thanks to his personal life, which has always been in the limelight, especially his relation with actress Kareena Kapoor.

Since Kareena, who appeared in the second episode of the show, ignored to comment about her 'ex' saying she doesn't believe in looking back, it will be interesting to see what Shahid has to react about it.

Karan posted about the same on a micro-blogging site, saying, ''Sonakshi and Shahid...and lots of Gandi baat in the Koffee house!!!....#KoffeewithKaran.''

With Shahid, Sonakshi and KJo, the audience will have fun listening to some 'Gandi Baat'!

Bollywood’s hottest property: Shahid Kapoor. He is single. He is hot. He is a superstar. Shahid Kapoor is a dream boy for more than a million young girls in India and around the world. Fans of Shahid Kapoor are lovingly known as ‘Shanatics’ - and yes, they are madly, madly, madly in love with the young heartthrob of Bollywood.

Shahid Kapoor recently surprised his fans by arriving at a screening of R… Rajkumar at a single screen cinema in Mumbai. And then began the madness! Although critics have given R… Rajkumar bad reviews, the audience has rejected the reviews, and made R… Rajkumar the biggest opening day film for Shahid Kapoor.

There is something about Shahid Kapoor! His magic seems to have gone beyond borders. From Germany to Russia, from the UK to the US, from almost every corner of the world – Shahid Kapoor has die-hard fans. Many of these fans don’t even speak Hindi, nor understand much about Bollywood films, but their love is never-ending.

In Bollywood, so far such global popularity is only achieved by the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – they are the most recognized Indian faces around the globe, and now we can add Shahid Kapoor to that list.

R... Rajkumar may have been panned by critics all over with some of the most scathing reviews coming its way. However if the weekend gone by at the box office is anything to go by, audience isn't really minding the 'masala' packaging of 'maar maar maar' and 'pyaar pyaar pyaar'. The captain of the ship, Prabhu Dheva, got a dose of that himself when a complete stranger walked up to him and said something to him that was so unique that it turned him all emotional.

"As the end credits started rolling, this man - who was perhaps in his 60s - tapped Prabhu Dheva's shoulder from behind and said - 'Your direction has certain rhythm to it'. Now Prabhu Dheva has been in the industry for around two decades and heard appreciation and received accolades in various kind of expressions. However, to have a commoner pointing out something like 'rhythm' in the manner of storytelling was unique for him too. Naturally, he was speechless," says a close associate of the filmmaker.

Known for his 'masala' streaks, as demonstrated in Wanted as well as Rowdy Rathore, the filmmaker has been picked by a large section of media for overdoing the act. However, with collections being steady right through the weekend, especially in single screens and the mass centers, Prabhu Dheva is happy to keep his target audience satiated.

"Isn't this what that matters at the end of the day," questions the filmmaker, "My producers (Eros) are happy, my actors (Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood) are happy and then a common man has come and said something good to me by picking on the nuances that even I as a filmmaker didn't think of consciously. These are good enough reasons to be content with the film."

On being asked about excessive 'maar' in his films, hence resulting in an overdose of 'masala', Prabhu Dheva said, "You pick up any typical Indian movie and there would be emotions, comedy, songs - just about all elements of a 'masala' entertainer. It is just that some of these films don't have fights while I bring them in a little extra."

After this experience at Gaiety cinema, he had a similar response from audience as well as staff in Chandan as well who were excited enough to give him a thumbs up.

"The single screens have reacted quite well to the clap trap moments, especially around the interval and the climax. My next stop is to watch the film with multiplex and see how audience there reacts," he shares his plans before signing off.

The Aam Aadmi has spoken on Shahid Kapoor‘s R… Rajkumar, and proved yet again that reviews don’t matter to them. While India is celebrating the stupendous performance of the Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi, there’s a reason for Shahid Kapoor to celebrate as well. His story too is now written by the Aam Aadmi.

R… Rajkumar, featuring Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha in lead roles, was released on Friday, December 6, 2012. Critics wrote off the film as the “the worst film” of 2013. But, Aam Aadmi, the common man proved them wrong! They proved the point that they don’t care about filmmaking and the other things – they just want entertainment. Be it mediocre or outstanding, they are ready for everything.

R… Rajkumar garnered in the range Rs 88.6 million (8.86 crore) nett on Friday, making it the biggest Shahid Kapoor opener of all times. Saturday saw in the range of Rs 83 million (8.30 crore) nett, while Sunday was in the range of Rs 106 million (10.60 crore) nett. The weekend total for R… Rajkumar settled in the range of Rs 277.6 million (27.76 crore) nett.

The film has performed well in single screen dominated circuits, especially in towns and cities of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Bihar.

With this weekend Box Office total, Shahid Kapoor’s R… Rajkumar has arrived at number 10 spot on our “Top Weekends of 2013″ chart. This is for the first time that a Shahid Kapoor film has performed well in areas dominated by single screens. Shahid Kapoor so far was the heartthrob of multiplex audiences, where earlier he drew more business as compared to single screens.

The Top Ten biggest weekend collections (Friday, Saturday, Sunday or first three days) of 2013 are as follows:

1. Chennai Express – Rs 935 million (Rs 93.5 crore) nett approx.
2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Rs 624.6 million (Rs 62.46 crore) nett approx.
3. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela – Rs 510 million (51 crore) nett approx.
4. Krrish 3 – Rs 502.4 million (50.24 crore) nett approx.
5. Race 2 – Rs 480 million (48 crore) nett approx.
6. Grand Masti – Rs 395 million (39.5 crore) nett approx.
7. Satyagraha – Rs 337 million (33.7 crore) nett approx.
8. Besharam – Rs 312 million (31.2 crore) nett approx.
9. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Rs 311 million (31.1 crore) nett approx.
10. R… Rajkumar – Rs 277.6 million (27.76 crore) nett approx.

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